About us

Providing screened clients to accountants and financial experts

  • Benefiting clients & experts
  • Improving access & ensuring transparency
  • Professional & personal service
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Joolah facilitates assignments to the relevant experts. We have many specialized partners who are able to provide assistance in any specific area that is needed within the accounting.

Whether you are a business that requires assistance with financial reporting, auditing or a private person needing accounting services, Joolah delivers experts for the job!

Why we are here

We strongly believe that our services will provide a transparent market that will be beneficial to consumers, businesses and the industry as a whole.

Finding an accountant or financial expert can be a daunting task for any average person who isn't familiar with this field. Finding the right professional for the job at the right price even more. That’s where Joolah comes in!

What we do

It is also about levelling out the market, giving fair play for all accounting and financial firms, regardless of the size of the company or how big their marketing budget is.

Our personalized service provides great value to consumers and professionals who are eager to give their expertise.

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